Hello, and thanks for visiting the home of Milwaukee Community Outreach Partners, the Milwaukee area’s most comprehensive firearms safety and training organization.

With the times being what they are, you’ve certainly got a lot of choices as to where you can spend your money.  Why should you spend it with us compared to anybody else?

Before we go any further, let me say that Milwaukee COPS classes are mine alone, and do not represent the views of my full-time employer.

Milwaukee COPS strengths are numerous.  Here’s a little more information so you have some idea of who I am, and my company…..

I and most of my adjunct instructors are active police officers or police sergeants, and law enforcement firearm instructors.  (We are also OFF-DUTY when instructing for Milwaukee COPS.)  Those that are not police officers are champion IPSC or IDPA shooters; some fall into all those categories.

Most are certified by multiple organizations.  I’m a certified firearm instructor through the Wisconsin LESB, Wisconsin DOJ, the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center, the NRA, and the Massad Ayoob Group.  I’m a certified Range Officer through the USPSA.

Why is this important to you?  As far as instructing goes, we’ve all been doing it for years, both in the private sector and within the PD.  We’ve all been through adult education train-the-trainer courses, and we all have to re-certify periodically.  We all attend several classes a year…and have been for many years….as students, to keep our own skills up-to-date.

When it comes to CCW, we have the inside track.  All my officer-instructors have been carrying 24/7 for years.  My non-officer staff have been carrying out of state with their permits for years, and were amongst the first to receive their Wisconsin CCW permits. In 2011, the Wisconsin Department of Justice developed a CCW course, and for my CCW-only classes, that is what I teach.  You can take a look at the powerpoint, manuals and other information on the DOJ’s website, here: Wisconsin DOJ CCW Course.   

The officers have all…literally…investigated more gun calls than they can remember, from simple “shots fired” with no witnesses or victims, all the way up to and including officer-involved shootings and multiple-victim shootings.  We’ve all been through “critical incidents” and can speak first-hand as to what you may or may not experience.  We have all made deadly force decisions numerous times.  All have testified and been cross-examined in municipal and state court; most have also done that in federal court.  As long-time police officers in the busiest PD in the state, quite simply, we have experience that is unmatched by any other group of instructors.

When it comes to our range classes, no group shoots and trains more than action (IPSC/IDPA) pistol shooters.  I’m an “A” class IPSC shooter, my adjuncts are A’s and Masters.  This gives us an edge because we know what works and what doesn’t.  Since we are all hard-core shooters, we have actual shooting, reloading, and gunsmithing experience that far exceeds most.

Whatever you decide, whoever you decide to train with, I strongly encourage you to train as often as you can.   Whether you train with us or elsewhere, more training can only be beneficial to you, should the unfortunate occur and you find yourself involved in a deadly force incident.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or email.




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